The Junior Trevian organization will supply its players with properly fitted equipment. It is the responsibility of each player to take care their issued equipment. The equipment should be kept the best of condition to ensure player safety. Any equipment malfunctions should be reported to the coaches immediately. The following is a list of required equipment that each player must have in order to participate:

  • White Riddell Helmet
  • Mouth Guard (cannot be clear)
  • Riddell Shoulder Pads
  • Athletic Supporter (Cup)
  • Knee Pads, Hip Pads, Thigh Pads, Tailbone Pad (Girdle equals hip, thigh, and tailbone pads)
  • Game Pants with Belt
  • Cleats rubber and molded, no screw in cleats
  • Team Jersey
  • Practice Jersey
Fitting Helmet

Click here for Riddell Helmet Fitting Guide

Fitting Shoulder Pads

Click here for Riddell Shoulder Pad Fitting Guide