Formerly known as Winnetka Green Wave Football and Wilmette Eagles, Junior Trevian Football is now a single program, independent of the local park districts, a 501c3 and led by a volunteer board of resident parents. Our mission is to be the strongest and safest program in the northern Chicago area. Our goal is to create a fun environment where players can learn the sport of football and its many life lessons, and then continue to play at New Trier High School (NTHS).  Our hope is that with the creation of a strong youth program, and a strong football culture within the community will ultimately serve as a vital foundation for success at NTHS.   Central to this commitment is a new partnership with New Trier High School: NTHS Head Varsity Football Coach Brian Doll, his coaching staff, and athletic trainers. As the established feeder program to NTHS, our players will directly benefit from early development with New Trier's offensive and defensive play schemes, training techniques, coaching methodologies, and the most advanced safety protocols available.

Junior Trevians Youth Tackle Football is for players from the 3rd through 8th grades.  Any resident of the New Trier school district is encouraged and welcomed to play.  Importantly, this is a non-cut program with an emphasis on participation, especially at the younger ages.  If the players (and parents) enjoy the experience when they are young, they are much more likely to continue at New Trier and contribute and draw from the experience at that level.

Successful youth football is a community effort.  While we are putting significant resources into this program, its ultimate success depends largely on how the community and all that are participating (players, parents, coaches, trainers, supporters and NTHS, itself) come together to make the experience a strong one.  It is no different than what is happening on the field.  Not everything will be flawless. However, the support and commitment provided by players’ parents is an essential component of what will make this a remarkable program.  

To support your player, we encourage you to do the following:

-Talk to your players off the field about their experiences, challenges and constructive ways to go forward

-Respect the coaching staff

-Getting involved in assisting the program,

-Attend games and provide positive vocal support