Frequently Asked Questions

What about player safety?

The objectives of the youth tackle football program include introducing players to safe and proper techniques, conditioning, football skills, and instilling a spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork. This closely supervised program will be run with hands-on guidance from the NTHS coaching and trained staff. Player safety will be the #1 goal as supported by:

  • Certified Illinois Bone & Joint (IBJ) trainers at tackling all practices.
  • IBJ provided baseline concussion testing for all players.
  • League provided certified trainers at every game.
  • All Jr Trevian coaches have trained in concussion-related awareness as well as safe tackling. For more information about the USA Football Heads Up program, please click here.
  • Tackling protocols that reflect the newest and safest practices. Click here for more information.
  • Watch New Trier Head Varsity Coach Brian Doll talk about players safety using the Shadowman tackle system in this video.

Parents will be provided with concussion awareness materials as well.

What about player equipment?

As part of the enhanced commitment to safe play, the Jr Trevian program will provide all players with Riddell helmets and shoulder pads (as well as game and practice uniforms). The program will host fitting sessions for all players with Riddell to ensure proper fit and safety. All players MUST use the program provided Riddell helmets and shoulder pads. Players will not be allowed to use outside equipment.

How much does the program cost?

The cost to participate in the Jr Trevian football program is $695 for 5th - 8th graders and $595 for 3rd and 4th graders. This includes the following equipment and uniforms: helmet, shoulder pads, game jersey, practice jersey and pants with integrated pads. Additionally, players will be able to keep their game jerseys at the end of the year. Players must come with their own cleats and practice pants.

What if I live in Kenilworth?

Kenilworth has a youth football program. We have the utmost respect for the Rebels and encourage residents to play in that program. However, all residents of the NTHS community may play in the Jr Trevian program.

Where will teams play?

All Jr Trevian teams will continue to play in the Central Suburban Youth Football League (CSYFL). The program will use the Winnetka Park District turf fields for practices and New Trier High School fields for all home games.

Away game locations will be similar to years past. Please click here for game field locations.

Game schedules will not be available until early September due to coordination with other teams in the league.

When do practices begin?

Pre-Season practices will begin on August 7th for all players and continue through August 31st. Regular season practices start September 5th and continue through the end of the season. Games typically start the Sunday after Labor Day and conclude the last week in October.

How are players divided into teams? What are the weight limitations?

Generally, kids are divided by grades and then by weight. For example, most 8th graders will play on a Heavyweight team. Below are the league dictated weight limitations. Stripers are players who, because of their weight, are not allowed to carry the ball.

Heavyweights: 7th and 8th grade:
7th graders: 141 pounds or higher.
8th graders: 126 pounds or higher.
HW stripers: 151 pounds or higher.

Lightweights: 7th and 8th grade:
7th graders: 140 pounds or less.
8th graders: 125 pounds or less.
LW stripers: 126 pounds or higher.

Middleweights: 5th and 6th graders:
5th graders: 101 pounds or higher.
6th graders: 91 pounds or higher.
MW stripers: 116 pounds or higher.

Flyweights: 5th and 6th graders:
5th graders: 100 pounds or less.
6th graders: 90 pounds or less.

4th/3rd graders: stripers: 95 pounds or higher. No weight minimum to play

* NEW for 2017 - If you are an 8th grader at 125 or above or a 7th grader at 135 or above you will be required to play on the heavyweight team. Also if you are a 7th grader under 100 lbs, you may play middleweights.

Want to get involved?

As a new organization, we are always looking for help including corporate sponsorships and volunteer parents and coaches.

Please contact Melissa Mastros, our Program Director, for additional volunteer information or on how you or organization can help Jr Trevians at

For more information about coaching, please contact Steve Peters, Director of Coaching, at